Analytics and Notifications
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Once a developer has signed up and submitted their first app, most of the hard work is done. Nevertheless, in order to maintain a positive Developer Experience, the platform owner should keep the developer in the know with two types of information:
  • Analytics
  • Notifications


Developers will want a range of analytics in order to monitor their performance. As a starting point, they should be able to see the number of impressions, pageviews, and activations for each of their apps.
In the case of paid apps, developers should also be able to see revenue statistics, such as total app revenue and net profit (after revenue sharing).
These analytics should be available on-demand in the developer hub. A combined breakdown of analytics for all apps is often found on the My Apps (or equivalent page), while individual reports are found on their respective app pages.
Platform owners may also wish to send developers a daily, weekly, or monthly email summary. This summary can include more advanced statistics, like relative performance (e.g. when an app is in the top 10% of activations for its category).


It's important that developers know the statuses of their apps. As a result, platform owners should absolutely notify developers whenever a status or state change occurs.
Notifications are important throughout the app lifecycle. As soon as the status of a submission changes (whether approved or rejected), the developer should be notified by email.
Once an app is approved, and therefore live in the marketplace, there is less need for notifications. However, on some larger B2B app marketplaces, app activation takes place manually. In this case, the developer should be notified as soon as a new user lead or contact form is submitted.
Other than the above, notifications may be sent to developers when:
  • Apps are featured
  • Apps are suspended
  • Revenue sharing payouts are made
  • Membership fees are due
  • Changes are made to the platform (alternatively, consider offering a roadmap for developers like Slack's)
Marketplace administrators can change notification settings for developers, users, and themselves at any time on marketplaces built with OpenChannel.

What's next?

We've discussed what analytics to share with developers and when to notify them. In the upcoming sections, we'll look at how you can maximize the success of your app marketplace, starting with Monetization.
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