App Statuses
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Depending on where it is in the app lifecycle, every app will have one of six statuses:
  • Draft
  • Pending Review
  • In Review
  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • Suspended


Usually, developers will create and refine app submissions over the course of several days, weeks, or months before they submit them for review. As a result, developers should be able to save an unfinished app, automatically marking it as a Draft.

Pending Review

Once an app is first submitted, it enters the Pending Review status. This means the app is now awaiting review, but changes can still be made by the developer.

In Review

As soon as the app review teams begin reviewing an app, it enters the In Review status. At this stage, the app is locked for further changes until the review process is over.


If an app meets all of the submission criteria, it will be Approved. Following this, the app is automatically published to the marketplace and the developer is notified.


If an app does not meet the submission criteria, it will be Rejected. In this case, the developer is notified and given the ability to resubmit their app after making the necessary changes.


An app that was previously approved can still be Suspended (i.e. removed) from an app marketplace. As in the case of a Rejected app, the developer is notified and given the ability to resubmit their app after addressing the cause(s) for suspension.

What's Next?

We've discussed the six major app statuses. On the next page — Submission — we'll take a closer look at handling app submissions and what they should include.
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